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abandoned. As long as I have courage, so long shall 1 strive.
Nothing can go contrary to destiny. No useful purpose ia
served by my sorrow."

While the king sat reflecting in this manner, the learned
men restored tranquillity \to his mind), and lu.-ssing him in
suitable terms, said, u May your enemies be defeated ! May
you rule for ever as a permanent sovereign, with the longevity
of ilarkandeya, having conquered your enemies, and esta-
blished yourselves as a Gkatrapati" (The king) then distributed
in charity with his usual generosity jewels set with gems
among the assembled Brahmans, and sent them away. Having
bathed, he sent for the Brahmans once again, a^.d gave them
fifty thousand rupees in charity. He next summoned astro-
logers to his presence, and asked them to fix an auspicious
hour for starting. He had the tent pitched outside (the city) in
the amrta-siddhi-yoga, (according to the instructions of the
astrologers), and left the palace and Vidyanagara at 11 o'clock,
riding upon his swift steed Eajahamsa by name, accompanied by
the holders of the seventy-two viniyogas. Arriving at the place
near the Navagaja war-drum, on the northern side (of the city),
he halted there. The officers of the seventy-two viniyogas such
as the attapradhana$<t dalavayS) commanders etc., and of the
eighteen karkhanas and the twelve mahak lay encamped
with their respective forces to the right and left of the
royal tent. In response to a proclamation summoning all the
troopers residing in Vidyanagara on pain of punishment, all
the men gathered (at the camp), saying " are our lives dearer
than that of the king ? "

The king then summoning the astapradhanas,
princes, Dalattiyi Sadasiva Nayaka, and Gropalayya of the
Jam&larkhftna commanded them to distribute presents among
the vazirs, wmros, foot-soldiers and important jamatidars as
well as all estate-holders, palaigfcrs, mahaldars, and all the
people belonging to the pSjaiws and provinces. He then handed